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Reclaim What Is Yours

We pick up where the court left off to recover your judgment award. Our modern approach of participating in a collaborative resource network ensures that your case is served properly.
Better Bsiness Bureau Accredited
Dept. of Consumer Affairs Licensed Judgment Enforcement
 License Number 2110807-DCA

The Process

No upfront costs and there is no fee until we collect. The entire financial risk falls on us.

Build a Strategy

Case assesment and debtor asset investigation

Pool Resources

Collaboration with industry affiliates to increase success

Recover Assets

Execute on identified assets to fulfil debtor obligations 

Intuitive Approach

Modern Strategies
for a Classic Business

Our initiative to execute judgments starts by thoroughly investigating the debtor. Secondly, we identify the assets and employment of the debtor using our sophisticated investigation technology. We develop a precise strategy to file liens, confiscate funds, and garnish pay after an asset or income source has been discovered.

Image by Josh Cris Gayle

Pooled Resources

One fee,
the power of many

Competitors become collaborators. Reclaim Strategies is a member of My Judgment Business, the largest judgment recovery network in New York State. We leverage our relationships with judgment recovery agencies and law firms with a pooled approach that does not affect the client's fee.

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Simple, straightforward fees

38% fee up to $20,000 collected 
33% fee thereafter
Fees do not change If we collaborate with qualified third-party judgment recovery agencies or law firms.
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